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Papermerchanting in Italy in 2012


Economic situation


Political economical situation


The technical Government led by Mario Monti ended his job at the end of the year when the right wing party stopped  their support. The adducted reason was the inactivity to support the lift of the economy.

Also the law issue during the 3rd quarter ruling about compliance with European short terms of payment  was only a "pro forma".

The political economic  rigor imposed by tax, increased VAT and other fees squeezed the pocket of everybody. It don't force the government to reduce costs and leaving the economy to drop further down.


The labor market is very weakel,  and the market is waiting for new engagement rules for new employment. These rules are not supported by the left party since they fear to lose workers votes.


The export of hi-tech, exclusive items, luxury and fashion is positive, but that is not enough to compensate the negative import / export balancesheet. There are no expectations for a positive balance before the beginning of 2014.


The Bank system continue to limit strongly the credit facilities and this is one of the reasons for the increased number of bankruptcy.



Printing and converting industry



The printing industry is following the declining paper consumption. The loss of many traditional orders for printed artwork hit the Printers.  The result is considerable financial problems for many Printers, due to the delayed payments and bankrupties of the customers. There are a lot of companies merging or ceasing the activity.



Paper Industry & Merchant


With the Lecta acquisition of the Italian branch of Paperlinx we now have in Italy three big integrated Paper Production/Distribution companies. The rest is composed of medium/small  size distributors representing roughly the remaining 40% of the distribution market. New reorganizations everywhere don't help to stabilize.The market lost  20% volume in 2012. The production of the mills in 2012 ranged from -2% for cut size to -19% for WFU reels.

The economic results of the 2012 have been very poor


Merchants market



Please note that the total tonnage sold by the merchants members or supporters of ADICA, the Italian merchants association,  constitute roughly 80% of the market.

Not all the members of ADICA are contributing  to the statistic panel.  The data, as follows, are from the panel and are compared with homogeneous  data. They represent roughly the 80% of ADICA.


The total tonnage sold by the merchants members of ADICA contributing to the panel  lowered to 636.518 tons (-6.1%) in 2012.

The tonnage sold in Woodfree Coated sheets was down 7,9% to 222.874 tons. The market for office papers seems not so bad  +1,4 but the sibling market of Woodfree Uncoated totalized -24,2%.

The proportion of warehouse sales versus  total sales volume decrease 2 points  (45,6% 2011 /43.8% 2012) . As in 2011 also the 2012 show a strong  increasing number of insolvencies and prolonged payment behavior of their customers, unfortunately often ending with huge loss of money.

The economic result in term of profit was compared with the 2011 considerable lower





The outlook for 2013 is not positive. The general economy is not yet recovering and an a shift to electronic communication will continue.