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Papermerchanting in Norway in 2012


Economic situation


The Norwegian economy in 2012 improved vs. the year before with a growth in the consumption as well as in property prices and new investments. The consumption growth dropped in the end of the year and GDP Mainland growth Q4 vs. Q4 2011 developed only 0,3%.The Oil prices continued to increase during the year. The currency development, EUR vs. NOK, shows a clear improvement of the NOK. The labour market has improved slightly and the rate of unemployment rate is some down and on the low level of 3,1 %.


The GDP mainland growth was primary in the first half of the year. It is expected that the growth will continue in a level of 3,0 - 3,5 % p.a. the next three years. The development in the private consumption is still positive.


The unemployment rate is expected to remain stable on the level of ca 3,2% the next two to three years.


Paper Merchant Business


According to the statistics from PGL (the fine paper merchants association) the sold volume by the merchants was 68.106 tons, down 7.049 tons from the year before. The stock sales share finalized on a share of 59% of the total merchant sales. This compared with a share of 58 % the year before. The sales of Coated Woodfree sheets went down 12 %. For Woodfree Uncoated folio sheets the merchant recorded a decrease of 3 %. In total the average selling price from stock and indent during the year was down vs. previous year.

Regarding the operating profit for the merchant's businesses there are still no official 2012 figures available, but the result level is for sure down vs. last year



Printing Industry


The printing industry is still struggling with a big overcapacity. The last year's trend with the small printing houses loosing business to the big printers continued in 2012 and is expected to continue in the years to come. The leading printing houses are continuously developing themselves to be able to take a bigger part of the value chain.






The sales volumes in our business the next 12 months will probably be down vs. 2012, but hopefully not as much down as last year.