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Papermerchanting in Spain in 2012


Economic development


The Spanish economic situation in 2012 followed under recession having many bankruptcies in all sector activities, with a growing unemployment reaching 26,5%, also inflation was higher than expected by the government 2,4%. Also we should remark the country debt and banks restructuration and capital needs and the lack of credits for companies and people.

The general internal consumption in Spain also had a big decrease -9,2% vs. 2011 and the perspectives for 2013 are not better, means that Spain will suffer a economical tough year again in 2013


Paper merchanting and Printers business

Although General consumption in 2012 was 15% below 2011, having 5 consecutive years having less paper demand with more than 50% accumulate decrease in this period, all products were affected and as ac consequence prices also were deteriorated.

In 2012 the main products affected were Coated and Speciality Papers -19% and uncoated Offset -16%, when Copier grows 3%.


Prices were impacted per low demand mainly in commodity products Coated, that in addition of lower volume had a huge impact in turnover -17% vs. 2011, being Coated the main product affected with -20%.


The positive news in 2012 was the consolidation of new Payment terms law approved by the Spanish government in July 2010 help to Merchants to improve the exposure manage better the risk in and lack of credit environment and manage better the working Capital  this new law also support to have a better healthy market.


Many Printers were force to close or reduce their business due to all market difficulties happened, having less companies' advertisement expenses, less orders, internal demand and less credit from banks.


By segments the most affected was medium and small printers, many of them made bankruptcy or declare insolvency and some others try to transform their business adding new technology like digital.


Merchants also made some changes to be adapted to this situation, reducing cost and trying to diversify their offer, increasing the product portfolio with Packaging, Visual Communication and Digital products just to compensate the Paper volume lost.





2013 also could be a very tough year for Spanish businesses and Paper Merchants, because the economical predictions are not better than 2012, with low internal consumption, Paper demand will continue decreasing and also we continue with credit limitation.

This situation will force more customers will disappear and some others being smaller or transforming their business

We believe also Paper Merchant should continue restructuring and adapting to the new circumstances as the pass situation never will back.