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Papermerchanting in Sweden in 2012



General economy

After increasing by 0,8 percent during 2012, the National Institute of Economic Research, NIER, expects Swedish GDP to grow by 1,3 percent this year. This rather weak rate of growth means that there will be little demand for labour which in turn means that unemployment will remain at its relatively high level of around 8 percent for some time.

Inflation is also affected by this, and NIER expects it to remain well below the Swedish Central bank's target of 2 percent. Actually, the February figure showed deflationary figures, -0,2 percent. The low level of inflation together with increasing pensions, makes NIER forecast an increase of 2,5 percent in household consumption during 2013.

The domestic demand continues to lie on rather a high level, which gives a boost to service firms, whereas NIER sees that goods-producing firms that rely more on exports, faces more difficult times. They are also negatively affected by the relatively strong Swedish krona.



Paper merchanting business

The volume sold by Swedish merchants during 2012 was 104 882 tons, a decrease with 23,7% compared to 2011. Both indent sales and warehouse sales are down. Indent sales going from 30 917 tons in 2011 to 26 428 tons in 2012, a decrease of 14,6%. Warehouse sales are down from 106 403 tons in 2011 to 78 454 tons in 2012. This corresponds to a decrease of 26,3%.