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Papermerchanting in Slovakia in 2012



Economic developments


Slovak economy continued increasing year-on-year also in the 3th quarter of this year. Compared with the previous two quarters, production of gross domestic product moderated to 2,1% at constatnt prices. After data adjustment, GDP increased by 2% in this quarter and by 2,3% in the 2nd quarter. The volume of GDP reached EUR 18 879 million in absolute statement and it rose by 3,7% year-on-year at current prices.


Development of the foreign demand mostly affected positively a growth of the GDP similarly as in the first two quarters of this year. Export of goods and services increased by 11,6%, year-on-year, in the 3rd quarter, however there was an increase in import of goods and services by 5,7%. Net export was further the main source of the GDP increase. Dynamics of the growth was slowed down, on the contrary, by fall of the domestic demand by 3,3%. Its total decrease was affected mostly by lower expenditures on the total final consumption by 0,6% of households and public administration consumption decreased by 0,4%. Production gross capital decreased by 10,2%, of which gross fixed capital increased by 3,7%. Consumption of non-profit associations for households grew by 0,3% too.

Production efficiency of the economy measured by the volume of added value increased by 2,8%, year-on-year, in the 3rd quarter. The most contribution on this positive development had the growth in industry by 10,4%. Increase in added value stated also activities in real estates by 11,2%, information technology and communication as well as art and entertainment and other activities by 4,2%. The most decrease was in wholesale nad retail, transport and logistics and travel sector by 4,6% and in financial sector by 3%.



The developments in the merchanting and printing business



The year 2012 brought to paper merchant market a decrease again. After decrease in 2009 by 10%, more or less stable result in 2010 (+3,0%), decrease again in 2011 by -7,0%, the result of 2012 shows drop by 8% of market volume. The main impact was to indent business, where we faced to 17% decrease, while 1,0% only in warehouse deliveries. This development we can follow in almost all product groups.

Forecast to 2013 is probably more about another decrease, than to stable market. This quite massive market change in last 4 years have had for sure impact to printers financial performance and we faced more print house closures and bankruptcies.