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Papermerchanting in Slovenia in 2012

After two years of modest growth, last year economic activity in Slovenia declined by 2.3%. As exports stagnated, last year's drop in gross domestic product was the result of a pronounced decline in domestic consumption. The recovery in exports came to a halt largely due to the deterioration of the economic situation in the euro area. Given the tensions on the labour market, a real decline in average gross wages and social transfers, and the fall in consumer confidence, private consumption shrank for the first time in twenty years. Moreover, the drop in government consumption deepened as a result of measures aimed at the streamlining of the public sector.


In addition to the anticipated further deterioration of the economic situation in the international environment, it is expected that the difficulties in accessing funding for the government and the banks, and the fiscal consolidation will continue in 2013.

The risks of a larger-than-forecast drop in economic activity in 2013 are associated with the international situation, with regard to both the recovery of economic activity in Slovenia's main trading partners and the situation on the financial markets. The easing of the decline mainly hinges on the successful implementation of the measures taken to stabilise the banking system and other measures intended to revive lending activity, help disburden the economy and kick-start a new investment cycle. Fiscal consolidation also remains key, as any major divergences from the set goals would make access to international funding even more difficult, not only for the government but also for the banking and corporate sectors.



Developments in merchanting and printing business

The trends in the printing industry follow the economic trends in the country with major problems being lack in demand  as well as poor liquidity of the majority of companies in the printing sector. On the other hand activity in the packaging sector was less affected by general  economic developments.


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